Thursday, June 1, 2017

Not a Fairy Tale

Being young, having all your life ahead, hoping, loving, living with a full heart, that's something that's normal.

To live a life, happy or unhappy (totally irrelevant) but feeling that there is no end there and that there is still a chance or hope for happiness, love, life. Having a side by side or wanting to have a person with whom the rest of your life could be filled with happiness, love, and life could easily turn into a dream.
Have a friend, and to want more, because it was not unreachable yesterday, it was even promised, but there was a fear that there is not right to such a thing, that desire could not be fulfilled, because it could not be promised.
To give up or fight?
Accept the offered or try to get more?
Have what you have and maybe not being happy with that?
Break all the links and cry until you forget?
Time cures everything. Is there enough time?

Getting promises, statements of love that suddenly becomes impossible, unfulfilled. Have they ever been sincere? There are doubts and this is probably quite normal. Even yesterday it was like a fairy tale, today's awakening was a rough reality.

Why waking up when dreams are so beautiful! People are dreaming, but obviously life is not a fairy tale.